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Ebbets Field

"Essays and Memories of Brooklyn's Historic Ballpark, 1913-196"

Edited by John G. Zinn and Paul G. Zinn

Winner of the 2014 Ron Gabriel Award for best research on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Read more

Publisher: McFarland & Company, Incorporated

About the Book:

"The Ebbets Field volume is the second in McFarland’s series on historic ballparks. The book combines articles about the park and the memories of those who went there in any capacity. Essay topics include long time Dodger owner Charles Ebbets, Brooklyn at the opening and closing of the park, the first and last Dodger games at Ebbets Field, black baseball at Ebbets Field, non-baseball events at Ebbets Field and statistical analyses of the park. The memories section includes the reminiscences of Dodger and visiting players as well as fans of all types and ages."


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