33rd New Jersey

The purpose of this section of www.zinnbooks.com is to provide a link between people interested in the 33rd New Jersey Civil War regiment and me as the author of “The Mutinous Regiment.” While that book was published in 2005, I would like to continue to gather information about the 33rd and especially about the men who served in it. My role model in all of this is Mark Dunkelman who has transformed the history of the 154th New York into one of the best documented of all Civil War regiments.

If you are related to a member of the 33rd New Jersey, I would very much like to hear from you in order to begin a record of the descendants of the officers and men of the regiment. Please e-mail me at jzinn84@comcast.net and provide your name, postal mailing address, ancestor’s name, and your relationship to him.

I would also like to hear from anyone, descendent or not, who has letters, diaries, pictures and other information. In addition I want to explore the possibility of holding a reunion of descendents much as Mark Dunkelman has done with the 154th New York. More information about those reunions can be found at www.hardtackregiment.com.

To hear me discuss “The Mutinous Regiment” on Civil War Talk Radio, click here and scroll to 3/28/2008 in the archives.

33rd New Jersey Roster

Click below to view the roster of the 33rd New Jersey on a company by company basis: