33rd New Jersey
Headquarters and Staff


Regimental Roster

This appendix consists of the rosters of the ten companies that made up the Thirty-third New Jersey. The information was taken from William Stryker’s Records of Officers and Men of New Jersey in the Civil War. Each company has been divided into its original membership and those who joined after September 1863. Each member has been listed at his original rank and with the first company that he joined. In addition notations have been made of those who died and those who deserted. For additional information readers are encouraged to consult Stryker’s original work.


KIA – killed in action

DOD – died of disease

DOW – died of wounds

DES - deserted

Field and Staff

Colonel - George W. Mindil

Lieutenant Colonel - Enos Fouratt

Major - David A. Peloubet

Adjutant - William H. Lambert

Sergeant Major - Stephen Pierson

Quartermaster - James B. Titman and John A. Miller

Surgeon - James Reilly

Asst. Surgeon - Charles W. Stickney and J. Henry Stiger

Chaplain - John Faull

Commissary Sergeant - James Allen

Principal Musician - William E. Preston